Maternity Summer Session in Copenhagen.


Mathilde & Emil. These two are my people. My family. We have gone through so many life stages together, and my life would feel so empty without them in my life. I get emotional just thinking about all the magical moments they have been part of and contributed to in my life whilst growing into our twenties and soon thirties together. These photos are from the preggo session we did before baby Helmut was born. It was a beautiful evening. Whilst waiting for the sun to set (because we wanted that sweet golden light), Emil was playing his guitar and Mathilde was sitting in the windowsill with their little sprout growing in her belly. We went to our favorite natural area in Copenhagen, Sydhavnstippen, which also happens to be the place Emil proposed to Mathilde. So going there for photos felt perfect for this special occasion. I so look up to Mathilde and Emil and the way they form their life and their relationship. They are the most amazing parents and have created the most perfect little human.
You always, always inspire me. Love you.