Destination Wedding Photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I’m Carolina

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Photographer, doggo-mama
& veggie food enthusiast.


I was born and raised in downtown Copenhagen, and as much as I do love my city, my soul yearns for adventures & greener scapes. I’m a firm believer that coffee is always a good idea. You may find me creating countless of Pinterest boards, planning my next photo-project and hunting for bohemian decor, or in the kitchen perfecting my latest veggie recipe whilst singing along to First Aid Kit. Oh, and I am not ashamed of admitting to binge-watching the “occassional” tv-show whilst editing away.

My passion for photography comes from a need to create, challenge myself, and ultimately produce some unbelievably beautiful photographs documenting people’s lives. Getting to know each couple over coffee or drinks and learn about their unique story is my fave part of the job - and I’m secretly super pumped when we all become friends! So let’s hang out and create some amazing photos that reflects you. Yes?

xx Caro





Grew up biking my bicycle around the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen and eating my weight in pasta, as I am equal parts Danish & Italian. If you wondered where my last name is from; it’s due to my Italian background, although the name actually originates from Spain.


Together with my lovely partner in crime, Cory, we have our little bundle of joy, Tallulah. She is the funniest and cutest little Havanese. We named her Tallulah after the iconic role Jodie Foster played in 1976 kid-gangster film
Bugsy Malone.

70’s VIBES

I have always been drawn to 1970’s bohemian vibes for so many reasons. It was a rebelious - rule-breaking decade which impacted the music, the fashion and the politcal movements. If I could time-travel I know exactly where I would go: 1972.


We have this little mini camper van, that we love going on road trips in. We call her Ramona, because it’s the name of this little “cowboy-town” in Southern California, that Cory fell in love with when we travelled around SoCal.



 Let’s Be Friends!

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