Carolina Segre Wedding Photographer

For many couples their wedding day feels like a split second; and it can be difficult to contain all that they are experiencing - and that is where I play my part. It is my privilege to capture all these amazing and intimate moments, which will become the memories you will look back on years from now. Photographic memories which will last a lifetime, and perhaps continue through generations.

Hi, I am Carolina and I am in love with weddings. I somehow stumbled into wedding photography a couple of years ago and quickly knew I had found something I was truly passionated about. It was not only that I got to take pictures all day, which I loved, but also meeting so many great people and getting a glimpse into their lives and their love story. Weddings are just amazing; the love, the laughs, the tears, the personal touches, which the bride and groom has put so much love and care into. I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to be apart of these days, and photograph all these moments, that will follow people throughout their lives. I would like to be more than just your photographer. I would like for you to think of me as a new friend who will be there throughout your big day, capturing every unique moment, from the morning preparations to the dance floor at midnight. I want us to feel relaxed around each and I really want you to have a good time. I promise I am very easy to get to know.

I want your photographs to me intimate, emotive, cool and taken in relaxed settings – and therefore I am a natural light photographer. I would like to think that these elements makes your images authentic, romantic and fun - I would really like to portray your personality and your love through the photos.

Your photographer will be a big part of your day, and therefore it is important that you hire someone who gets you. If you think that person could be me, I would love to invite you for a cup of coffee at a cozy coffee spot in Copenhagen so that we can get to know each other. 

Shoot me an email via my contact form, and let's start the conversation. 
There is nothing I would love more than to hear all about your wedding, so feel free to write me a novel. I look forward to getting to know you!

Have questions? Check out my FAQ or write me an e-mail and I will get back to you :)